The Studio

Right next door to our film studio lies a completely sound-proof and acoustically treated, fully-equipped audio post facility with exceptional video capabilities. The studio is designed to accommodate large and small projects with state of the art equipment and inspiring comfort. The MPL audio post studio can also be used in conjunction with the film studio for superior on-set audio functionality with real time recording, playback, processing, and monitoring direct feed from the camera. Your sound team can leave their equipment at home, and they will love you for it. 

We offer multiple audio services:

  • Sound design

  • Foley

  • Mixing

  • Dialogue recording / ADR / described video

  • Editing

  • Restoration / Cleanup

  • Music production

  • Soundtrack composition

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  • 290 square foot acoustically treated and soundproof control room

  • 160 square foot secondary sound booth

  • Every room wired for sound & video and routed back into the control room for unparalleled flexibility

  • Large acoustic windows between every room. A voiceover artist in the booth has a direct line-of-sight with the set while the director, producer, and client watch over the production in the control room and discuss details out loud. All in perfect visibility and complete sound isolation.

  • 12-core Mac Pro running Pro Tools, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro X, and too many plugins to name

  • Large selection of microphones, speakers, and outboard gear

  • Blackmagic DeckLink 4K Extreme card installed for live video routing and live keying to and from the film studio

  • Free parking in the front and back of the building


Floor Plan